Preparation of investment studies

Feasibility study is document that is used for making investment decisions and it consists of the information base regarding market analysis, technological, technical, locational, organizational, economic and financial analysis with the evaluation of the efficacy and the acceptability of a particular investment project.

Investment advisory services include the preparation of projects, creating teams, implementation coordination and final evaluation, namely:

  • All necessary analysis and advice in the selection phase of the investment in a specific project
  • Exploring investment opportunities as per clients’ requirements and finding appropriate projects
  • Analysing project feasibility in terms of regulations, decisions made by local and other authorities, zoning, infrastructural and other constraints, etc.
  • Analysing necessary actions in order to make a project feasible
  • Preparing Business Recovery Plans in terms of feasibility or in terms of project programming
  • Project marketing analysis
  • Project risk analysis
  • Finding partners and collaborators for project implementation and assisting with supplier selection processes
  • Analysing project funding possibilities
  • Implementation coordination and monitoring business activities
  • Final evaluation