New opportunities of support for winemakers

National program of support to the wine sector in the period of 2014th till 2018th, provides three measures using the so-called “Wine envelope”, that will serve winemakers and winegrowers to finance its activities. Wine envelope amounts to 11.8 million euros a year, so winemakers and winegrowers will be able to use the following measures:

  • The restructuring and conversion of vineyards involves investing in the renovation of the existing area planted vineyards
  • Investments in wineries and wine marketing refers to investment and marketing wines and improvement of existing estates, cellars and equipment
  • Advertising on the markets of third countries is aimed at financing campaigns on third markets and thus enables the development of wine exports outside the member countries

All users of these measures must be enrolled in the Vineyard register and meet other requirements prescribed by the regulations on their implementation which are published in NN 127/13.

The amounts of aid are varied, from a minimum of 3000 euros to a maximum grant amount of 1.5 million euros per project. Pursuant to the Plan of Implementation of the National program to support the wine sector, contests for all three measures to call will be made during of 2014.