New IPARD Call for Measure 302

Agency for payment in Agriculture, Fishery and Rural Development announced a new call for a grant under the IPARD Measure 302 which is opened from 20.08.2012. till 12.10.2012. The amount of grant is 50% of the project, which is a maximum of 675.000,00 EUR for investments in renewable energy sector and 150.000,00 EUR for investments in other sectors.

The aim of the competition is to increase income of rural population through rural development of rural farming activities and beyond, to preserve existing jobs, increase the scope of services for the residences of the rural areas and improve the social structure. Measure 302 achieve these objectives through investment in the following sectors:

  1. Sector of rural tourism
  2. Sector of traditional crafts
  3. Sector of direct selling
  4. Sector of freshwater aquaculture
  5. Sector of services
  6. Sector of processing on farms
  7. Sector of renewable energy

For further information please contact us.

Review of policies for Measure 302 of IPARD program, as well as all necessary forms and list of documents required for registration for the competition are available on the website of the Agency for payment in Agriculture, Fishery and Rural Development.