Dalibor Georgievski is participating 05/12/2012 the Conference under EUforija project

Project EUforija is designed by Prof.dr.sc. Ante Babić. The project has been prepared and organized in co-operation with Centre for International Development – CID, the Association of Croatian exporters and TF Marketing. It was presented to the European delegation in Croatia, Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds, that have recognized the quality and overall social character of the project and its rarely seen focus on businesses and has received support and sponsorship of these two important institutions.

On December 5th 2012, conference will be held at the museum Mimara, related to agriculture, fisheries, food and forestry. Except Minister Jakovina and experts in Ministry of Agriculture, at the conference will also speak following experts:

Dalibor Georgievski, agricultural analyst and expert in IPARD

Miroslav Božić, Head of negotiating team with EU for agriculture

Darko Znaor, agricultural analyst and expert in organic farming

Stipan Bilić, expert on agriculture and food industry

Ivan Pavelić, Croatian Forestry

And several foreign experts (awaiting the confirmation)


Any additional information can be found at the following link: